Waivve is an online platform that allows you receive money from anywhere in the world. It is targeted at entrepreneurs and business owners who engage with foreign clients and therefore need a quick and easy way to receive payment for their goods and services.

Waivve is Safe, Secure, and Fast. It eliminates the middleman, and the payment portal has no restrictions. We offer a better exchange rate than your bank. With Waivve you will be able to receive USD into your local bank account, you can convert it to Naira at the BEST rate way higher than what you have ever since. We offer a direct parallel rate and with this, you have more money to grow your business.

Some of the features we have are Waaive Wallet, Waaive payment links, and Naira/Dollar Save.

Vision Statement

We want to help millions of people around the world beginning from Africa to have secure digital financial service that makes their daily global transactions easier.

Mission Statement

Taking the pain out of getting paid in foreign currencies


To create an avenue for Africans to receive money anytime and anywhere.

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